Everything You Need to Know About the US Embassy Nigeria

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Get to know how to apply for an immigration visa at the US Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria: apply for family immigration or employee immigration. Learn more!

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What Is the US Embassy in Nigeria?

The US Embassy Nigeria is the diplomatic mission of the United States of America in Abuja, Nigeria. Nigeria is a country in West Africa and it shares borders with Benin, Cameroon, Chad, and Niger. It has a population of about 168 million people who speak more than 250 languages.

The United States established diplomatic relations with Nigeria on May 21, 1957, when the Nigerian government granted its approval to the US-British Mutual Defense Agreement of 1954. The first US ambassador arrived in Nigeria on July 1, 1957, and was assigned to Lagos.

The address for the US Embassy in Nigeria is Embassy Row in Lagos, Nigeria and the U.S. Consulate General’s address is 2 Walter Carrington Crescent Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. The main phone number is (+234) (1) 261-0050 / 0078. For more information about citizenship and other immigration services, contact Manji Law, P.C.

Has the US Embassy in Nigeria Reopened?

With so many changes in immigration policy and typically routine citizenship and immigration services, it can be beneficial to contact a skilled attorney to determine how and when you can gain entry into the country.

The Abuja and Lagos American Citizens Services (ACS) Units process all routine ACS services. Following recent COVID-19 prevention measures, Abuja and Lagos currently accept a limited number of Visas. Visit their official website for updated information.


How Do You Get a US Embassy Nigeria Visa Application?

The US Embassy visa application process can be a difficult one. A lot of time and effort is required to get a US visa from the Embassy in Nigeria. This is because the embassy has strict requirements for the documents that need to be submitted. The Embassy also has specific guidelines for which documents are required to apply for a visa from the US Embassy in Nigeria.

One way to get a US visa application from the Embassy in Nigeria done is by finding an immigration lawyer who is experienced in immigration services and getting visas for people from African countries like Nigeria.


What Is the US Embassy Application and Interview Process?

Immigration is often initiated when an employer or close relative in the United States files a petition with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. After the application is approved the U.S. Consulate in Lagos notifies the person about how to schedule their interview and what documentation they need to provide. U.S. Consulate certified doctors conduct the required medical examinations.

Visa inquiries can be made by telephone at (234)-1-261-5697/5699 or in person at the Consulate at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Immigrant visas are $335.00 payable plus an additional $45.00 for the security surcharge. The US Embassy doesn’t accept checks or credit cards.

What Are the US Embassy Nigeria Immigrant Visa Requirements?

The US Embassy Nigeria immigrant visa requirements for a non-immigrant visa, immigrant visas, and US Green Card include the following:

  • Form DS-156 which is an electronic, bar-coded nonimmigrant visa application
  • Form DS-157 which is completed and signed by males aged 16 to 45
  • Form DS-158 along with an endorsed, valid I-20 application completed and signed for students
  • Form DS-2019 which is completed and signed for exchange visitors
  • The Family Form for married applicants or those with children

They must also have a valid international passport that extends at least six months beyond the intended U.S. visit and two passport photos. A non-refundable visa application fee of $100 must accompany all nonimmigrant Visa applications.

What Is the Process for Getting a U.S. Visa in Nigeria?

Immigrants wishing to get visas for themselves and those they are in a relationship with should contact a reputable attorney. A reputable law firm can explain the process and direct its clients to the correct bureau or department where they can submit their paperwork and supporting evidence. It will describe how applicants will receive confirmation if their petition is accepted.

In Nigeria, getting a US visa typically takes between 3 and 6 months. This process is longer than in most other countries because of the high number of paperwork and stringent procedures. Scheduling an appointment with an H-1B visa lawyer can provide you with additional information.