Everything You Need to Know If You Have an Uber Accident

Uber provides transportation services to riders and drivers through an app. Founded in 2009, it is present in more than 600 cities worldwide.
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What Happens in an Uber Accident?

Uber provides transportation services to riders and drivers through an app. Founded in 2009, it is present in more than 600 cities worldwide.

Uber has faced a lot of criticism. Complaints against Uber include unfair pricing schemes and a lack of driver benefits. The most common complaints, however, concern poor customer service and lack of safety measures.

So, what happens in an Uber accident? Who is responsible, and how does it work? Our professionals at Manji Law can provide guidance and support whenever you face an unexpected or unusual legal issue.

Uber Accidents: What Causes Them?

Uber accidents can happen for many different reasons, but the most common is when a driver of an Uber vehicle is distracted.

The most common distractions are:

  • Talking on the phone
  • Texting or emailing
  • Eating or drinking

These distractions can lead to an accident when the driver does not notice that they are about to hit another vehicle or pedestrian.

How Do Uber Accident Cases Work?

Uber is a US rideshare company that enables drivers to earn money from driving others around while Uber takes a percentage of the fare.

Uber is not legally required to provide liability insurance coverage to its drivers as a transportation network company. However, Uber provides a rider protection plan that provides up to $1 million of liability coverage for each incident.

Who Is Liable in an Uber Accident Case?

Uber drivers are not employees of Uber and do not have the same protections as employees. Uber drivers are independent contractors, so they will be liable for any accidents that occur while they are driving.

What Are Common Penalties for Uber Accidents in Georgia?

The severity of the accident determines the penalties for Uber accidents. In Georgia, Uber drivers may receive the following penalties if convicted.

  • Minor accidents get fines from $300 to $1,000
  • More severe accidents get fines of up to $10,000
  • Deaths or injuries caused by accidents get fines of up to $25,000 and life imprisonment

Uber drivers are independent contractors and not employees of Uber. This means that they are responsible for their own vehicle, insurance, and any other expenses related to driving for Uber. Therefore, in the event of an accident, it is important to have legal representation on your side.

How Can an Attorney Help With an Uber Accident?

Attorneys can help you with your Uber accident case by collecting all the evidence and representing your interests.

To succeed in a car accident lawsuit, the attorney must have all the necessary information about what happened.

Uber Accident FAQs

Are Uber Drivers Insured in the Event of an Accident?

This varies from state to state, but most states require drivers to carry some form of insurance for their passengers, even if it’s just for liability coverage and not full coverage like regular car insurance would provide.

How Much Does an Uber Accident Lawyer Cost?

That varies depending on the severity of the accident and how much time you need to spend with your lawyer. Furthermore, you might be able to get a free consultation with your lawyer before you hire them.