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My experience with Jameel and his team is a breath of fresh air. Before Manji Law I was dealing with a group that was handling my wife case to where we were going to do our final interview in Mexico 🇲🇽. A family member ask us was a waiver done? We had no idea what she was talking about. Once explained we spoke with the group and they forgot to do one. I quickly fired them and was on the hunt for a immigration lawyer. My wife felt like her life was over in tears and stress with just life. (we have children as well). But with me doing intense research was able to find Manji Law. OMG!!! What a wonderful experience Jameel and his team was patient, very friendly and not only the were able to adjust our difficult status but Jameel work his magic to where we didn't even do a final interview and my wife's residence card came in the mail a year and a half later. I highly highly recommend the Manji law firm there's is no job that Jameel can't handle trust me my wife case was a difficult one. Salute to the Manji law firm, thank you so much 🙏 for everything your team has done for us.

Maryam KhanMaryam Khan

We choose Manji law firm for our immigration process after doing a thorough market research. Of all the law firms we contacted we found Jamil Manji to be extremely professional,dedicated and honest. He genuinely cared for us, provided us clear guidance at every step. Unlike other firms we contacted, Manji law firms didn't try to indulge us in extra services that weren't really required. Other firms tried to convince us into spending more money on things that weren't even required and we wouldn't even know it then since we weren't that educated at that time about immigration process. Jamil not only explained us the entire process but also saved us from spending extra money. I would definitely recommend Jamil and his team since they have earned our trust and proved to be best in the field.

Randeep KhaundRandeep Khaund

A good friend, who had worked with Jameel for all his immigration needs, strongly recommended Jameel & team. I worked with Jameel & team for my green card process for a period of 18+ months. The team is exceptionally good in both advising and executing. Jameel is very professional with an excellent attitude and both realistic and innovative about the continuing to push the case forward. I would highly recommend Manji Law for any immigration work.

Elinor DrennanElinor Drennan

We had an excellent experience with Jameel and his team at Manji Law. They have been with us every step of the way through the immigration process providing fantastic support and advise from start to finish. I would highly recommend Manji Law, P.C

Dahlia BowenDahlia Bowen

Started the process of getting my two children to be permanent residents while in the US on a visiting Visa. Due to unforeseen circumstances happening in our home country I decided reach out to an immigration attorney to get advise if it was possible to start the process instead of sending them back. This was in October and by November 2021 documents were officially filed not knowing how long it would all take and to my surprise April 8, 2022 both children received their Permanent Residency Cards. I’m still in disbelief that it happen so fast. I can only thank Jameel and his team for doing an excellent job. They gave me no doubts from our first consultation. Job Well done to the Manji Law P.C. Team!!

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