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Serving Clients With Passion & Care

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Expertise in various immigration topics including family & employee immigration, removal defense, refugee, and plenty more!

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Manji Law takes the time to understand every client's situation and goals.
From there, they create the perfect, personalized strategy for your immigration journey.

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Rising Star

Rated as a "Rising Star" by Super Lawyers, Attorney Jameel Manji has all the skills and resources for your immigration goal. No matter your situation, attorney Manji will fight for YOUR immigration rights!


Passionate & Caring

We truly care about making a difference in your life. At Manji Law, we treat every single case differently because we understand every case has different circumstances. We are committed to making the legal immigration process as easy as possible for you!

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Manji Law is an excellent and exceptionally good immigration firm. Jameel and his team are great in advising, consulting, and providing top-notch immigration services. Jameel is an extremely dedicated and in-depth person.

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Laura L.

By far Jameel has been an excellent immigration lawyer. He cares about giving his clients a first class service, his assistance is very efficient and organized given all the documentation and information needed. Everyone within the firm is very cordial and informed. Jameel is very professional with an excellent attitude and very realistic about the possibilities within the case.

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Shamir I.

If you are looking for an immigration attorney. I would recommend one name Manji Law Firm. Jameel did a fantastic job he understood what’s required, did not over promised, was very perfectly organized & answer all your questions. Extremely dedicated and provides premium immigration services for a reasonable price.

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