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Driving Without a License in GA

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Driving without a license in GA is often a precursor to an immigration hold. Get the facts here on GA licensing and insurance, as well as what happens if you are caught without it. 

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Driving Without a License in GA

Everyone who drives a car in Georgia is required to carry a valid license while doing so, but what happens when you get pulled over driving without a license in GA? When driving a vehicle in the U.S., you must have and carry a valid license. If you are stopped for a traffic violation or at a routine traffic stop, the police officer will ask for your license and automobile registration. If you are unable to present these documents, you are in violation of the law.

If you have been arrested for driving without a license in GA, speak with the experts at Manji Law, P.C., to ensure it does not result in deportation or a period of confinement in an immigration detention center.


What Does Driving Without License in GA Mean?

The phrase “driving without license in GA” refers to a variety of scenarios. Some believe that it indicates being unlicensed in the state of Georgia. This is not the case, as there are several reasons a person unlicensed in GA can legally drive in the state, such as these.

  • Legally licensed by their home state and on active duty in GA
  • Right to drive granted by the U.S. government
  • Valid license from another country or state

Instead, the phrase “driving without a license in GA” refers to the following:

  • You never had a drivers license
  • Your license expired
  • Your license was suspended or revoked. 

It could also refer to driving a vehicle without having your license on your person. Regardless of the reason you were operating a vehicle without a valid license in your possession, a lawyer can help you navigate the situation for your particular situation.


Driving Without a License in GA When You Are Out of Status

When driving without a license in GA, undocumented immigrants potentially face much more serious repercussions than citizens or those with status. Since it is one of the ways that immigrants often come to law enforcement’s attention, it is particularly important that out of status individuals consult a knowledgeable lawyer with considerable experience in immigration law.

Undocumented immigrants cannot get valid Georgia drivers licenses. Therefore, they are more susceptible than most residents to face serious consequences. These include incarceration in one of the immigration detention centers in the area or even deportation by ICE. This can traumatize individuals and tear apart families. If you or one of your family members were caught driving without a license in GA, reach out to an Atlanta law firm for advice.

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Driving on Suspended License GA

Although operating a motor vehicle without a valid license may not be a crisis, driving on suspended license GA is a different story. There are several reasons your license may have been suspended or revoked. These include the following:

  • An accumulation of 15 or more points on your license
  • A lapse in insurance protection
  • Conviction of certain traffic and drug offenses
  • Failure to appear to a mandated court date
  • Failure to pay Super Speeder fines

While the results vary depending on the offense, if you are an immigrant found driving without a license in GA, you should retain an Atlanta deportation lawyer to plan your strategy for remaining in the country and out of a detention center. 


Driving with Suspended License in GA

Unfortunately, driving with suspended license in GA is not always an intentional action. It is possible to have your licenses suspended and be unaware of the fact for a variety of reasons.

You don’t want to discover that you have a suspended license during a routine traffic stop. If you believe your driver’s license may have been suspended, you can visit the Department of Driver Services (DDS) website at www.dds.ga.gov or contact DDS at (678) 413-8500 or (866) 754-3687.


What If You Are Driving with Expired License GA?

Another complication during a routine traffic stop occurs if you are driving with expired license GA. In Georgia, no driver is exempt from having a license. 

The reasons a driver might choose to drive with an expired license include due to an emergency, necessity, or ignorance that the license has expired. Your qualified legal representative will review the various aspects of the case to determine the most effective strategy for fighting the charges of driving without a license in GA.

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Driving Without a License in GA?

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What Is the Penalty for Driving Without a License in GA?

What is the penalty for driving without a license in GA? Can you drive without your physical license? How much is a ticket for driving without a license in Georgia? The short answer to each of these is it depends on the circumstances.

Even if this is your first offense, you’re likely receiving more than a traffic ticket. If you are found guilty, you are facing a minimum of two days in jail in addition to a $500 fine. If you do not have adequate legal representation, you may also have to take two defensive driving classes before being allowed to get a driver’s license.

For a second offense, you are dealing with a minimum of 10 days in jail and a fine ranging from $1000 to $2500. If your license were suspended, you would receive extra suspension time unless the right lawyer defends you.

Even if you have a legitimate license, you can still receive misdemeanor charges if you are unable to produce it when asked to provide one by a police officer. If you bring your license to court, you can clear your charges with a $10 fine. If you are unable to, however, you can be charged with driving without a license on your person.

According to Georgia state law SB 350, repeatedly being arrested for driving without a license in GA is a felony. If you are facing felony charges, you should retain the services of a criminal immigration lawyer to avoid detention or deportation.


What Is the Penalty for Driving Without Insurance in GA?

The penalty for driving without insurance in GA can be serious, depending upon the circumstances. You may be charged $185 in fines and be sentenced to a year in prison, along with losing your license. Furthermore, in Georgia driving an automobile with a suspended license is considered a misdemeanor. This will result in a criminal record, an increase in your insurance rates, and points added to your driving record.

Driving without a license in GA or without adequate insurance is illegal and can have long-reaching consequences for immigrants. To learn your options and build a strong defense, hire a legal counselor with immigration expertise.

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Can You Get Car Insurance Without a License?

There are many instances in which you may wonder, “Can you get car insurance without a license?” The short answer is yes, but it is difficult. A few of the scenarios that may compel you to shop for a provider when you do not have a valid driver’s license include:

  • Insurance for an underage driver
  • Insurance when you have a driving permit
  • Insurance when you have a personal chauffeur
  • Insurance for a car when health issues or a suspension keeps you from driving
  • Insuring a vintage vehicle that you do not drive

It is possible to get insurance with a license from another state or a foreign driver’s license, so don’t let that stop you from making sure your car is adequately insured. It can be somewhat more complicated to find insurance in this circumstance, but it can be done. 

Having a conversation with an insurance provider or a qualified attorney can provide you with information and options for your specific case.


How Can You Get Car Insurance Without A Driver’s License?

Since it is a legal necessity for drivers, many wonder, “Can you get car insurance without a driver’s license?” To apply for insurance coverage, you are usually required to provide your driver’s license number. If you do not have one, you may be able to offer the information and driver’s license number of a “primary motorist” other than yourself instead.

The primary motorist should be someone close to you, such as a spouse or family member. Not all insurance providers offer this option, so you may need to shop around. If necessary, you could include the name of the primary driver on the motor vehicle’s title.

Driving without a license in GA or without insurance can result in significant legal problems for local immigrants. Deportation or detention are two of the possible consequences. Hire a law firm with considerable experience handling Georgia immigration detention center matters.

Can You Get Car Insurance Without A License

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Do You Need Social Security Card for Drivers License?

Many people, especially non-citizens, wonder, “Do you need social security card for drivers license?” There are several documents that you need in order to obtain a valid driver’s license, or in Georgia a Real ID. Among them, you will have to present one of four documents that show your social security number; a social security card is one of them. Here are the requirements for applying for a Real ID.


Can I Get a Driver’s License Without a Social Security Number?

Perhaps you are wondering, “Can I get a driver’s license without a social security number?” To get a Real ID, you will be required to submit either a document with your Social Security Number on it or a Social Security Number letter of ineligibility.

  • Non-citizens who have Department of Homeland Security (DHS) permission to work in the U.S. can apply for an SSN by visiting www.ssa.gov. If you are eligible, you may apply for a GA Driver’s License after receiving your card.
  • Non-citizens who are not eligible for an SSN may obtain a letter of ineligibility from the Social Security Administration by filling out Form SSAL 676. The Social Security Administration provides this letter if you have not been permitted by the DHS to work in the U.S. Take the SSN rejection letter to the DDS to apply for your GA license.

Since driving without a license in GA is illegal, it is necessary to submit the appropriate forms for your particular situation. 

Do You Need Social Security Card For Drivers License

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Having a Car Accident Without License

In Georgia, getting in a car accident without license, although not optimal, is generally not as severe as you might believe. You have the same rights as any other collision victim, including the rights to recovering insurance compensation and other damages. Although driving without a license is prohibited, it does not necessarily reflect who is liable for the accident.

Although most people found driving without a license in GA will only be inconvenienced, a non-citizen will face more severe consequences. If you were in a collision while driving without a license in GA, you should immediately call a reputable law firm, especially if you are an immigrant with questionable status. The counselors there can advise and advocate for your rights, even if you are an undocumented resident.


Contact an Attorney If You Have an Accident Without License

If you have an accident without license, contact a traffic accident lawyer right away for expert advice, especially if you are a non-citizen. Do not attempt to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company without the representation of an immigration lawyer. After an accident, you should apply for or renew your license as quickly as possible to show a good faith effort.

Since being accused of an offense of any kind can complicate your immigration efforts. This is especially true if you have entered the U.S. illegally. If you are out of status and have been arrested for driving without a license in GA, talk to the experts at Manji Law to make sure it doesn’t ruin your chances of getting citizenship. Reach out to a reputable immigration attorney like Manji Law, P.C. for advice and advocacy. Contact us today.

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